like1 [līk]
[ME lik, aphetic for ilik < OE gelic, similar, equal, lit., of the same form or shape, akin to Ger gleich < PGmc * galīka- < * ga-, prefix of uncert. meaning + * līka, body, (ON līk, Goth leik, OE lic): for IE base see LICH]
1. having almost or exactly the same qualities, characteristics, etc.; similar; equal [a cup of sugar and a like amount of flour]
2. Rare alike
3. Dial. likely
Informal likely [like as not, he is already there]
1. similar to; somewhat resembling [she is like a bird]
2. in a manner characteristic of; similarly to [she sings like a bird]
3. in accord with the nature of; characteristic of [it's not like her to sleep late]
4. in the mood for; desirous of [to feel like sleeping]
5. indicative or prophetic of [that sounds like fun; it looks like a clear day tomorrow]
6. as for example [great dramatists like Sophocles and Shakespeare] Like was originally an adjective in senses LIKE1 1, 3, 5, and an adverb in sense LIKE1 2, and is still considered so by conservative grammarians
1. in the way that; as [it was just like you said]
2. as if [it looks like he is late]
a person or thing regarded as the equal or counterpart of another or of the person or thing being discussed [I've never met her like]
Informal inserted into spoken sentences before or after a word, phrase, or clause, apparently without meaning or syntactic function, but possibly for emphasis [it's, like, hot]
be like
Slang to say, think, or feel [so I'm like,We have to be there on time,and he's like,Well, duhso what else is new?]
like anything
Informal very much; exceedingly
like blazes or like crazy or like the devil or like mad
Informal with furious energy, speed, etc.
like to
Dial. nearly; almost [he like to broke the door down]
nothing like
not at all like; completely different from
something like
almost like; about
the like
others of the same kind
the like of or the likes of
Informal any person or thing like
like2 [līk]
liked, liking [ME liken < OE lician (akin to Goth leikan) < base of lic, body, form (see LIKE1): sense development: to be of like form—be like—be suited to—be pleasing to]
1. Obs. to please
2. to be so inclined; choose [leave whenever you like]
1. to have a taste or fondness for; be pleased with; have a preference for; enjoy
2. to want or wish [I would like to see him]
3. Informal to favor and support as the probable winner [I like Cleveland in the Series]
[pl.] preferences, tastes, or affections
preferences, tastes, or affections
more like it
Informal closer to being what is wanted

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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